About Our Business
SR Agencies LLC is committed to giving our
customers the best quality products possible.
Products range from A to Z .

Artificial Jewelery ,
Blankets & Bedding  / Bags & Suitcases
Cell Phones &  Charger / Cases ,calling cards etc
Daily Use items like cleaning supplies
Electric/ Electronic parts / Toys
Fine art/ Flower decoration .
Gift bags for all occasions .
Hat /Caps for him and Her.
Incense /perfumed candles
Kitchen wares/ Kinfe/ spoons /paper /napkins
Lamps /Lights
Moth balls / Mops etc
Nose pin /note books
Oils / perfumed body sprays
Picture frames / Perfumes
Quick fix glues
Rugs /Door mats
Sink covers / Drain opener
Toothpaste / Brushes /Toilet supplies
Umbrella/ utensils /utility items
Vest / Underwear
Waste bags water guns
X-mis supplies
You have all in here
Z-Rare to find ,some of them we have in store .

This retails outlet provides you all you may need on
the last minutes . You can buy on line and pick up in
We'd love to hear what you have to say about our
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